The Lone Star State

Lone Star State

Jumbo State

Beef State NE

Blizzard State SD

Name: friends (Caddo)

Distinction: Texas was home to the largest cattle ranch, the XIT, which comprised nearly three million acres.

Geographic Oddity: In an area as large as Texas, you would expect some lakes. Nope, only reservoirs. Come to think of it, Caddo Lake was a naturally occurring lake, but it's half in Louisiana, and it now has a dam on it also!

Famous Native: Mary Kay ~ founder of Mary Kay

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = The Lighthouse, Palo Duro Canyon
  Man-Made = San Jacinto Monument

Favorite City Name: Lazbuddie

Something you might hear a Lone Starite say: "¡Se habla español!"

Little Known Factoid: Everything's bigger in Texas . . .

If I could live anywhere in Texas, it would be at Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the country.