In God We Trust

an orange . . . or sunshine . . . you decide

Orange State

Sunshine State NM OR SD

Name: flowery (Spanish)

Distinction: Florida is the home of the nation's oldest city, St. Augustine.
Geographic Oddity: Florida has more keys than Panama has locks.

Famous Native: Brian Griese ~ NFL quarterback & son of NFL quarterback
Famous Small Town: Destin [pop.14K] ~ wildly popular spring break Destination

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = the aforementioned Florida Keys
  Man-Made = Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom

Favorite City Name: Sopchoppy

Something you might hear a Snowbird say: "Ask me about my grandkids."

Little Known Factoid: Chances of California sliding . . .

If I could live anywhere in Florida, it would be on one of the Cedar Keys.