Crescit Eundo

The Zia Sun

Land Of Enchantment

Spanish State

Land Of Opportunity AR

Sunshine State FL OR SD

Name: in the navel of the moon (Nahuatl)

Distinction: New Mexico has the only two-word state name with a two-word capital name, Santa Fe.
Geographic Oddity: New Mexico contains Valley Of Fires, an old lava flow where the ground is as black as can be. The ironic thing is that it's right at the edge of White Sands, where the ground is as white as can be. (See my artwork.)

Famous Native: Geronimo ~ Apache medicine man & unofficial yell of paratroopers
Famous Small Town: Taos [pop.6K] ~ next door to a pueblo & a ski valley

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Shiprock
  Man-Made = Taos Pueblo

Favorite City Name: Truth Or Consequences

Something you might hear a Enchanter say: "Red or green?"
(In the restaurant, no matter what you order, they want to know which kind of chili sauce you want on it.)

Little Known Factoid: Contrary to popular belief . . .

If I could live anywhere in New Mexico, it would be in White Rock, Los Alamos County, because it is on the Rio Grande and centrally located to a lot of places I like: Bandalier, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Enchanted Circle.