Washington: The Apple Of My Eye

Evergreen State

Chinook State

Name: for George Washington

Distinction: Washington is the only state named after a U.S. president.
Geographic Oddity: Point Roberts, Washington is on a peninsula jutting down from British Columbia, so you can't drive to it from anywhere else in the U.S. without going through Canada! (See also Minnesota.)

Famous Native: Bill Gates ~ chief software architect
Famous Small Town: Leavenworth [pop.2K] ~ tourist town modeled after a Bavarian village

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Mount Rainier
  Man-Made = Space Needle

Favorite City Name: Walla Walla

Something you might hear a Cascader say: "It must be spring. The rain feels warmer."

Little Known Factoid: The typical state flag . . .

If I could live anywhere in Washington, it would be at Point Roberts. See above.