L'Etoile Du Nord

Gopher State

Gopher State

Land Of 10,000 Lakes

North Star State AK

Wheat State KS

Land Of Blonde Hair And Blue Ears
Name: sky-tinted water (Dakota)

Distinction: Minnesota was the first state to elect a professional wrestler as governor.
Geographic Oddity: The town of Angle Inlet is separated from the rest of Minnesota by Lake Of The Woods, so you can't drive there from anywhere else in the U.S. without going through Canada! (See also Washington.)

Famous Native: Garrison Keillor ~ Lake Wobegon's storyteller
Famous Small Town: Bemidji [pop.15K] ~ birthplace of Paul Bunyan

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = The Narrows, Voyageurs National Park
  Man-Made = the statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe

Favorite City Name: Embarrass

Something you might hear a Lakelander say: "You betcha."

Little Known Factoid: Minnesota claims to have . . .

If I could live anywhere in Minnesota, it would be at Angle Inlet, because of the aforementioned geographic oddity.