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Native AmericaNative America

Sooner State

Native America

Name: red man (Choctaw)

Distinction: Oklahoma was made a state by combining two territories, Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory. (This is the opposite of Dakota, where a single territory was made into two states.)
Geographic Oddity: Of the so-called "panhandles" in various states, Oklahoma's is actually shaped appropriately. See for yourself!

Famous Native: Will Rogers ~ lasso expert & social commentator
Famous Small Town: Guthrie [pop.10K] ~ original state capital

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Black Mesa
  Man-Made = Myriad Botanical Gardens

Favorite City Name: Bushyhead

Something you might hear an Okie say: "Yeow! A-yip-i-o-ee-ay!"

Little Known Factoid: One year, the state's tourism bureau . . .

If I could live anywhere in Oklahoma, it would be in the Davis area, with its proximity to the Arbuckle Mountains, Turner Falls, and the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.