With God, All Things Are Possible

Leading Producer Of Rubber

Buckeye State

Yankee State

Mother Of Presidents VA

a swing state

Name: good river (Iroquois)

Distinction: Ohio has the only state flag that's not rectagular. It's a dovetail shape. (A square—à la Ala. or R.I.—is a type of rectangle.)

Geographic Oddity: There are SeaWorld theme parks in California (which borders the Pacific Ocean), Texas (which borders the Gulf Of Mexico), and Florida (which borders the Gulf Of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean). From 1970 to 2001, there was a SeaWorld in Ohio! (Well, it borders the St Lawrence Seaway, don't you sea?)

Famous Native: Orville Wright ~ first airplane pilot
Famous Small Town: Point Pleasant [pop.<1K] ~ birthplace of Hiram Ulysses S Grant

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = waterfalls at Old Man's Cave
  Man-Made = Top Thrill Dragster

Favorite City Name: Jelloway

Something you might hear a Buckeye say: "When they say West Virginia is almost Heaven, that's because it's next door to Ohio!"

Little Known Factoid: Ohio is well known as . . .

If I could live anywhere in Ohio, it would be in Marblehead on Lake Erie.