Sic Semper Tyrannis

The Commonwealth Of

Birthplace Of Eight Presidents

Old Dominion

Old Virginny

Mother Of Presidents OH

Name: for Queen Elizabeth I of England

Distinction: Virginia has the most cities that lie outside of any county. This applies to the states that actually have counties, not Alaska or Louisiana. For more information, see my write-up on County Oddities.
Geographic Oddity: Virginia has counties named Charles City and James City and cities named Amelia Court House, Charlotte Court House, and King and Queen Court House.

Famous Native: Booker T. Washington ~ educator of educators
Famous Small Town: Jamestown [pop.0] ~ first permanent English settlement in the Americas

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Great Dismal Swamp
  Man-Made = Monticello

Favorite City Name: Chuckatuck

Something you might hear a Cavalier say: "Nice doin's."

Little Known Factoid: Virginia was named for . . .

If I could live anywhere in Virginia, it would be in Natural Bridge, home of Natural Bridge.