The Empire State

Empire State

Knickerbocker State

Peach State Of The North*

Name: for Duke Of York (England)

Distinction: New York has the country's longest toll road, The New York State Thruway (641 miles long).
Geographic Oddity: New York has half its population living offshore (on Long, Manhattan, & Staten Islands).

Famous Native: Teddy Roosevelt ~ cowboy (etc.)
Famous Small Town: Sleepy Hollow [pop.10K] ~ where Ichabod Crane stayed

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Niagara Falls (American)
  Man-Made = The Statue Of Liberty

Favorite City Name: Lackawanna (which is what I have when I'm not motivated)

Something you might hear a Knickerbocker say: "What are you looking at?"
(I'm just kidding. Hey, lighten up!)

Little Known Factoid: I wondered how long . . .

If I could live anywhere in New York, it would be at Long Lake, in the heart of Adirondack Park. (Do I need something in parentheses here, too?)

*Just kidding. That was a takeoff on Georgia.