Wisdom, Justice, And Moderation

The Peach State

Peach State

Empire State Of The South

Cracker State

Name: for King George II of England

Distinction: Georgia has the largest bas-relief in the world, on Stone Mountain, where depictions of Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis are carved.
Geographic Oddity: Without ever leaving Georgia, you can visit the following cities: Amsterdam, Athens, Belfast, Berlin, Bethlehem, Boston, Brooklyn, Cairo, Dallas, Damascus, Dublin, Florence, Geneva, Jerusalem, Milan, Nashville, Oakland, Omaha, Pretoria, Raleigh, Rome, Vienna, and Washington.

Famous Native: Joel Chandler Harris ~ creator of Uncle Remus
Famous Small Town: Plains [pop.<1K] ~ hometown of President Jimmy Carter

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = the aforementioned Stone Mountain
  Man-Made = the aforementioned carving on Stone Mountain

Favorite City Name: Industrial City of Gordon, Murray, and Whitfield Counties (Alas, they have changed the name to Industrial City.)

Something you might hear a Cracker say: "If you're waitin' on me, you're backin' up."

Little Known Factoid: Hanging from many trees . . .

If I could live anywhere in Georgia, it would be in the Golden Isles.