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The Treasure StateThe Treasure State

Treasure State

Big Sky Country

The State Where They Make Up The North Dakota Jokes

Name: mountain (Spanish)

Distinction: Montana has a few state employees who fix the roads and several state employees who make up North Dakota jokes.

Geographic Oddity: Among Montana's colorful rivers are the Boulder, the Red Rock, and the Yellowstone.

Famous Native: Evel Knievel ~ motorcycle daredevil

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = The Garden Wall
  Man-Made = Roosevelt Arch

Favorite City Name: Checkerboard

Something you might hear a Stubtoe say: "Okay, waddyou call an good-looking, intelligent man in North Dakota?" *

Little Known Factoid: Everyone is familiar with . . .

If I could live anywhere in Montana, it would be in West Yellowstone, the western entrance to my second favorite national park.