Virtute Et Armis

The Magnolia State

Magnolia State

Hospitality State IN

Bayou State LA

Name: great river (Chippewa)

Distinction: Mississippi has the only NASA Space Center not named for a president, the Stennis Space Center. (The other two are Kennedy and Johnson.)

Geographic Oddity: The state of Mississippi has a town named Mississippi City and a city named Mississippi State.

Famous Native: B. B. King ~ blues guitarist & singer

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Mississippi Petrified Forest
  Man-Made = Beauvoir

Favorite City Name: Jug Fork

Something you might hear a Mud-Waddler say: "Come go home wimmee."
(Hospitality, you see.)

Little Known Factoid: If you took all the nails . . .

If I could live anywhere in Mississippi, it would be on the Gulf Coast, in an old house overlooking the white sand. (And every few years, after the hurricane, I would build a new old house.)