Union, Justice, And Confidence

Etat De Louisiane

Léta de la Lwizyàn

The Pelican State

Pelican State

Sugar State

Creole State

Child Of The Mississippi

Bayou State MS
Name: for King Louis XIV of France (FYI, the French pronounce that name "LWEE," not "LEW-iss," so go ahead and call the state "LWEE-zee-ann-uh," not "LEW-zee-ann-uh.")

Distinction: Louisiana experienced the greatest reduction in size from original territory to final state.
Geographic Oddity: The Mississippi River Delta.

Famous Native: Al Hirt ~ trumpeter & bandleader
Famous Small Town: West Monroe [pop.13K] ~ home of Duck Dynasty

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Lake Pontchartrain
  Man-Made = Louisiana State Capitol

Favorite City Name: Bee Bayou (as in "I wanna bee bayou for the rest of my life.")

Something you might hear a Bayou Banger say: "Laissez les bon temps roulez!"
(In case you don't speak Acadian, that's, "Let the good times roll!")

Little Known Factoid: Not all of Louisiana . . .

If I had to live in Louisiana, it would be in the Vieux Carre of New Orleans, where my jazz combo would play music from my balcony, and the people on the street below would look up and say, "Hey, can you guys keep it down, for crying out loud?!".