The Crossroads Of America

The Crossroads Of America

Hoosier State

Hospitality State MS

Crossroads Of America

Name: of the Indians

Distinction: Indiana lives up to its "Crossroads Of America" motto, with the most highway intersections, the most miles of Interstate per square mile, the first and most famous long-distance auto race, and the Covered Bridge Capital of the world (Parke County, with 32 covered bridges).
Geographic Oddity: From the name, you would think Indiana would be full of Indians. Nope, there are fewer than 8,000 left.

Famous Native: Colonel Sanders ~ founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken
Famous Small Town: Wabash [pop.11K] ~ shares name with the river that drains most of the state

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Cataract Falls
  Man-Made = Jackson Covered Bridge

Favorite City Name: French Lick

Something you might hear a Hoosier say: "It doesn't warsh."
(This means the same as "That dog won't hunt." See South Carolina.)

Little Known Factoid: One of the great songs . . .

If I could live anywhere in Indiana, it would be on a farm near Oak Grove, at the confluence of the Wabash and Ohio Rivers.