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Graeco-Roman Mythology

Which of the following is a character from classical mythology?
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These creatures are all horse-like. Match each with its unique unhorse-like feature:
1. CENTAUR   A. horn
2. PEGASUS   B. human torso
3. UNICORN   C. wings

Each of these blanks can be filled in with the same word to complete the name of a well-known myth. What is the word?
  • Hercules & the ______ Apples of the Hesperides
  • Jason & the ______ Fleece
  • Jupiter & The ______ Age
  • Midas & The ______ Touch

The death of three of these characters caused the creation of new flowers. Which did not?

Match each Greek name to its Latin equivalent:
1. Aphrodite   A. Cupid
2. Ares   B. Diana
3. Artemis   C. Juno
4. Cronus   D. Jupiter
5. Eros   E. Mars
6. Hades   F. Mercury
7. Hera   G. Neptune
8. Hermes   H. Pluto
9. Poseidon   I. Saturn
10. Zeus   J. Venus

Where did the eyes of Argus end up?
  1. in sewing needles
  2. on the peacock's feathers
  3. in tropical storms
  4. on the potato

Unscramble each monster's name:
  1. HARDY
  5. RASTY

Which one of the following is not a group of females?
Amazons Fates Gorgons Graces Griffins
Hyades Muses Nymphs Pleiades Sirens

Match each word to its meaning:
1. Sphinx   A. nymph loved by Pan
2. Styx   B. riddle-posing monster
3. Syrinx   C. river bordering the underworld

Following is a list of kings from Greek mythology. To the right of each is the name of the place where he ruled, but with one letter changed. Restore each place name:
1. Aegeus ASHENS
2. Agamemnon ARGUS
3. Croesus MYDIA
4. Erysichthon TRESSALY
5. Midas PHRYGID
6. Minos CRATE
7. Oedipus THERES
8. Priam TRAY
9. Tyndareus SMARTA
10. Zeus BLYMPUS

Okay, listen carefully: Listed below are the names of four capital cities. If you move one letter from one word and place it inside another, you will be left with the names of four mythological characters. Can you do it?

Which of the following is not one of The Labors Of Hercules?
  1. capturing the stag of Artemis
  2. cleaning the Augean stables
  3. driving away the Stymphalian birds
  4. finding the island of the Cabeiri
  5. killing the lion of Nemea
  6. retrieving the girdle of Hippolyta

Match each character to the item most closely associated with him or her:
Achilles Andromeda Cupid Cyclops Gordus
Icarus Odysseus Pandora Prometheus Theseus
arrow box chains eye fire
heel knot labyrinth wings wooden horse

Wagner's four-opera cycle "Der Ring des Nibelungen" is based on what non-Graeco-Roman mythology?
  1. Celtic
  2. Egyptian
  3. Indian
  4. Norse
  5. Teutonic

If you don't believe in the story of Perseus and Medusa, why do you read the daily horoscope?

Who Wants To Be Smarter Than Dancing With A Survivor?