In each sentence below, one of the words can be replaced by a synonym; another word can replaced by a synonym that differs from the first replacement word by the removal of a single letter. In each case, the given letter is the one that precedes the sentence.

Example: If the sentence labeled "L" read, "No one in the universe knows my secret saying," it could be changed to read "No one in the WORLD knows my secret WORD."

  1. I'm rearing my children to be future stars.
  2. They sure have a lot of trash in their carport.
  3. He was thrilled when he finally left the cave.
  4. This edition of the book got a good response from readers.
  5. I'll rejoin the leasing world, this time as a tenant.
  6. That blossom has a cheaper price.
  7. Don't stay too long on the ship.
  8. Soap up first, and rinse off afterward.
  9. In truth, he'd rather work for a land company.
  10. If you fight with the others, we will remove you.
  11. When loading the car for a trip, timing is important.
  12. If you regress, you'll end up on your rear.
  13. Send a message to the rapid transportation authority.
  14. He rambles down to the pond where the dippers like to go.
  15. The football trainers all have their own hideaways.
  16. Telecommunications operators like to sharpen their skills.
  17. A certain segment of the wizard's time was spent on a new elixir.
  18. If you're driving to the beach during October, take a jacket.
  19. After a long hard day at the shop, she was very stiff.
  20. This is the tallest sculpture in the whole province.
  21. I saw a pigeon and a deer in my back yard.
  22. He might author a book about a certain ritual.
  23. The following day, the police caught the suspect in their web.
  24. The function will go on for a large portion of the evening.
  25. If you didn't keep nodding off, you could be accomplishing more.