Play With "Matches"

in the

National Parks

The grid found on the next page can be filled in with the names of the fifty-eight U.S. National Parks. The link from any given name to the next is in the matching of common letters, shown by a dotted line between two squares. (See the example below.) Where double letters appear in a name, e.g. "YELLOWSTONE", a dotted line appears between them also. A gray square indicates a space between words, as in "BRYCE CANYON", and one park name contains a hyphen. Of course I don't expect you to have them all memorized, so it's not cheating to refer to the listing on the third page. The solution is on the last page.

Hint: You will probably want to print this in order to work it in pencil. You might need to set the margins as small as possible to get the grid to fit on one page. (You could even save the image and print it alone.)

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