Zoology 101


You might want to put on one of your old Roosterfish albums while you work on this one. . . .

Taxonomists have a habit of referring to living creatures by kingdom-phylum-class-order-family-genus-species. Fill in each blank with an animal name to complete the name of a group or solo artist. Use the pull-down to see a taxonomic designation for the answer (which will help you more than you might think). Click on the number of an item for a visual help (which will proabably be a dead giveaway). A misspelling in the clue provides a hynt that the animal name is misspelled in the answer.

1. Blue _______ Cult
2. Boomtown _______s
3. Country Joe & The _______
4. Crazy _______
5. Eddie _______
6. _______s & Crofts
7. Samantha _______
8. _______sills
9. Sopwith _______
10. _______ Springfield
11. Steppen_______
12. Stone _______s
13. Stray _______s
14. Teddy _______s
15. The _______s
16. The _______s
17. _______ The Wet Sprocket
18. Three _______ Night
19. White________

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