Creepy Crawlies


What appears to be a disorganized swarm of letters below is actually the names of fifteen insects, arachnids, and crustaceans. Each word lies in a straight line with the letters evenly spaced, although the angle and spacing varies from one word to the next. Each letter is used exactly once. At least one of the words is slitely misspelled. (Now there's a hint if I ever heard one . . .)

Once you have found the words, you can put them together with the word fragments that follow to form the names of fourteen pop groups and solo artists.


"Bed" is a type of bug (as in "Good night; sleep tight . . ."). The word BED has been found and marked in the swarm, split into two parts, then linked with the fragments bo and wards to form the name boB EDwards.

adam amanda and and appleton band blue   bo   buddy
by carter erlode flash gees gles holly iron rrell
s s s steve tam the the the   wards