esperar wait for Should we wait for the others? to top
caminar walk If you let me out here, I can walk the rest of the way. to top
la pared wall A big clock was on the wall. to top
la cartera wallet I have lost my wallet with all my Travelers Checks. to top
el reloj watch
Your watch is slow. to top
mirar watch
I like to watch "Agujetas de color de rosa." to top
el agua (f) water Up in the mountains, we get our water from streams. to top
el camino way Take the shortest way, please. to top
nosotros we We also eat too late. to top
el tiempo weather The weather here is often windy but warm. to top
bien well
Young man, you will do very well. to top
pues well
Well, I have a good friend that lives in San Juan. to top
qué what What did he say? to top
cuándo when I remember when you were this tall. to top
dónde where Where have you been? to top
mientras while
Usually, Spanish students don't work while they go to school. to top
rato while
I walked a while in the Parque del Retiro. to top
el whisky whiskey We don't have whiskey in our house. to top
blanco white I would like a half-bottle of white wine. to top
por qué why Dad, why do you say "surprise"? You know very well what she wants to do. to top
la mujer wife
(in Europe)
He doesn't have a wife. to top
la esposa wife
(in America)
He and his wife live right next door. to top
la ventana window I'm going to close the window. to top
el vino wine Can you please bring us some ice and a bottle of wine? to top
con with Why don't you make steak with potatoes and green beans? to top
sin without I can't see anything without my glasses. to top
la mujer woman I know this woman. to top
la palabra word The word "skyscraper" first referred to the little triangular sail on top of the rigging on 18th century schooners. to top
el trabajo work
I have more work than you do. to top
trabajar work
I'm going to work until it's time for dinner. to top
preocupado worried Are you worried? to top
la escritora writer Carmen is a writer. to top