la mesa table He is setting the table. to top
llevar take And I don't know what clothes I should take. to top
el talento talent You have a lot of talent. to top
hablar talk I have to talk to you. to top
la tartaleta tart We have rolls, we also have pastries, brioche and tarts. to top
el té tea I prefer tea and also orange juice. to top
el profesor teacher
(instructor, masculine)
He is a teacher. to top
la maestra teacher
(master, feminine)
The teacher says that we are her best class. to top
el maestro teacher
(master, masculine)
Our teacher talks a lot. to top
el teléfono telephone Where is the telephone? to top
decir tell You may not like what I am about to tell you. to top
indicarme tell me Could you tell me where the restrooms are? to top
diez ten My flight leaves at ten o'clock. Please hurry. to top
el examen test This is a hard test. to top
eso that
That is not what I said. to top
que that
(that which)
There's the woman that I see every day. to top
la the
He's at the office, but he'll be here when it's time to eat. to top
el the
The black book is heavy. to top
su their For the native Algonquins this land would be their home until the arrival of the first settlers nearly one hundred years later. to top
suyo theirs
You know the Garcias? This house is theirs. to top
entonces then
Then ask for some recommendations. to top
luego then
Until then! to top
allá there
Don't go there! to top
allí there
He lives there, in that house. to top
la cosa thing OK, we agree on one thing--tossed salad. to top
pensar think You shouldn't think about it. to top
sin embargo though One thing you need to do, though, before taking a taxi is to be sure to have small bills with you. to top
tres three I have three checks I'd like to cash. to top
por through In that case, let's go for a walk through Madrid and then eat something. to top
el billete ticket I would like to buy a ticket for Barcelona. to top
el tiempo time
We have been waiting a long time. to top
la hora time
What time is it? to top
la vez time
He tells the same joke each time I see him. to top
la propina tip Remember that the tip is usually included in the bill. to top
la llanta tire I checked each tire on the car. to top
cansado tired I am tired. to top
a to
I should pack for my trip to Seville, but I don't know what I am going to take. to top
hasta to
From captains of industry to cabbies, everyone keeps an eye on the stock market. to top
para to
It's a great place to eat or shop for Italian specialties. to top
hoy today Today I hope to finish my video of Madrid. to top
la mañana tomorrow See you tomorrow. to top
la lengua tongue My tongue hurts. to top
tambien too
My name is Roberto, too. to top
demasiado too
(too much)
They are eating too much. to top
hacia toward Everyone gets up and heads toward the dining room. to top
la torre tower Look . . . where that white tower is. Do you see? to top
trazar trace About 100 million Americans can trace their roots back through this tiny island. to top
comercio trade Chinatown is now a thriving area of trade and restaurants--nowhere else in the city can you eat so well for so little. to top
la glorieta traffic circle It would be better to go to the traffic circle. It's straight ahead. to top
el semáforo traffic light Go past the second set of traffic lights. to top
el tren train This train comes from Barcelona. to top
viajar travel Learning to ask for and understand directions will give you confidence to travel with ease. to top
el viaje trip Much of New York City is on the island of Manhattan, so don't miss the breathtaking boat trip all the way around by the Circle Line--the very best way to see the city skyline. to top
el triunfo triumph The Chrysler Building is everyone's favorite--a triumph of Art Deco. to top
el tranvía trolley We use the trolley to get to work. to top
la verdad truth You had better tell the truth. to top
el intento try
For once, we won on the first try. to top
tratar try
It's difficult, but it's important to try. to top
de veinte dólares twenty-dollar Can you change this twenty-dollar bill? to top
dos two One and one makes two. to top
típico typical And that over there down below is a very typical bar in Seville where one can eat excellent "tapas." to top
típicamente typically It is helpful to know some phrases that are typically exchanged between the store personnel and the client. to top