triste sad You look sad. Are you feeling down? to top
tristemente sadly Chinatown remains a thriving ethnic neighborhood, but sadly, it also has the problems of poverty, low wages, and crowded housing conditions. to top
la ensalada salad Also I would like a green salad with the meal, and a half bottle of Rioja wine. to top
la sal salt Pass me the salt, please. to top
mismo same Mark and Gloria arrive at the Torres house at the same time. to top
la salsa sauce You'll know the moment you've crossed into Little Italy when the restaurant signs are no longer in calligraphy and you smell espresso rather than soy sauce. to top
los ahorros savings In 1929 came the Great Crash, when millions lost their savings and the Great Depression began. to top
decir say I don't have anything to say. to top
la báscula scale Please put them here on the scale. to top
el horario schedule These hours vary from city to city and follow a summer schedule. to top
la escuela school "C.O.U." is the final course in high school. to top
el bacalao scrod Why don't you make baked scrod with a tossed salad? to top
la temporada season This is the peak tourist season. to top
la seguridad security Do I have to go through security? to top
ver see I am going to see if I can. to top
por separado separately Remember, also, that the tip is not usually included in the bill; you must add that separately. to top
diecisiete seventeen Miguel is seventeen and so tall! to top
ella she She should have known better. to top
el zapato shoe The shoe's on the other foot now. to top
quitar con la pala shovel She did not want to shovel snow. to top
el espectáculo show When is the show? to top
la proyección showing What time is the next showing of this movie? to top
tímido shy Don't be shy. to top
sencillo simple The work is not so simple. to top
la hermana sister Please tell your sister I said "hello." to top
el cielo sky The sky is dark. to top
la silueta skyline The Manhattan skyline seems to belong to every one of us--so familiar has it become. to top
el rascacielos skyscraper "When New Yorkers get a little crowded, they simply tilt a street on end and call it a skyscraper." to top
resbaladizo slippery Oil is very slippery. to top
despacio slowly
Speak more slowly, please. to top
lentamente slowly
You will find that most people are patient and kind and will speak slowly when asked. to top
pequeño small Your apartment is very small. to top
la calderilla small change Oh, wait, I have a three thousand pesetas bill and some change here. to top
el fumador smoker Many restaurants in the States have separate sections for smokers; some do not allow smoking at all. to top
la nieve snow She did not want to shovel snow. to top
nevando snowing It is snowing. to top
así so So you went to the Barcelona Zoo the other day with your girlfriend? to top
el fútbol soccer Soccer is the most interesting of all. to top
la solución solution Don't worry; everything has a solution. to top
alguien someone Can someone help me with my bags? to top
algo something That is enough, Uncle Larry. Luis, would you like something to drink? to top
la sopa soup Please give me some more soup. to top
el sur south I am in Consuegra, and I'm heading south toward the city of Seville. to top
el español Spanish You speak Spanish very well. to top
de repuesto spare Do you have a spare tire and a jack? to top
pasar spend I'm going to spend the summer with my family. to top
la escalera staircase They came up the staircase. to top
el estado state
Welcome to the United States! to top
articular state
It is important to be able to make yourself understood so that you can state the problem simply. to top
la estación station Which way is the train station, please? to top
el bistec steak Why don't you make steak with potatoes and green beans? to top
la cazuela stew
Why don't you make a Catalonian shellfish stew, potatoes in parsley sauce and a tossed salad? to top
el estofado stew
I think I will make beef stew and some vegetables to go with it. to top
todavía still New Asian immigrants are still arriving from the countries of the Pacific Rim. to top
la tienda store Grocery stores usually close at seven thirty or eight p.m. to top
la historia story Every word of that story is true. to top
la calle street Please send a cab to Elm Street, number 56. Please call a taxi for me. to top
el estudiante student He is a foreign exchange student from Madrid. to top
estudiar study We have to study. to top
el azúcar sugar Could you pass me the sugar, please, Mark? to top
de repente suddenly Whether you are walking or driving, you should be prepared to suddenly face a choice of streets or roads. to top
la maleta suitcase Please open your suitcase. to top
el verano summer He wants to fly to Canada next summer. to top
el sol sun The sun is very hot. to top
el supermercado supermarket Carmen and her daughter Mónica are at the supermarket. to top
seguro sure He will make it, I am sure. to top
el suéter sweater It looks like this boy wore just a light sweater. to top
nadar swim Those who were rejected, mostly on medical grounds, would jump into the sea and try to swim to the land of the brave, home of the free. to top
el símbolo symbol The skyscraper skyline is the international symbol for New York City. to top