el conejo rabbit Why don't you make paella with chicken, rabbit, shellfish and everything else? to top
llover rain Is it supposed to rain today or tomorrow? to top
la tarifa rate The rate is sixty dollars per day. to top
leer read I am going to the library to read. to top
listo ready Good morning! Here is Andrés González from the travel agency TravelTur, ready to travel. to top
recomendar recommend Could you recommend a good restaurant in this area? to top
rojo red She is wearing a red hat. to top
el registro register Would you please sign the register here? to top
la reservación reservation I want to confirm my reservation for flight number 492. to top
el resto rest If you let me out here, I can walk the rest of the way. to top
el restaurante restaurant We can eat here at home or we can go to a restaurant. to top
jubilado retired He played for the 49ers, but now he is retired. to top
regresar return Well, first I have to return to Madrid; from there I'll be leaving for Puerto Rico. to top
el aparejo rigging The word "skyscraper" first referred to the little triangular sail on top of the rigging on 18th century schooners. to top
bien right, all That's all right. I understand you. to top
el río river The river is rising. to top
la carretera road The road was very icy. to top
la roca rock Ayres Rock is in Australia. to top
el panecillo roll We have rolls, we also have pastries, brioche and tarts. to top
la habitación room Good day, do you have a single room? to top
estropeado ruined That is my car, and now it is ruined! to top