empacar pack I should pack for my trip to Seville, but I don't know what I am going to take. to top
el dolor pain He had a pain in his chest and then fainted. to top
los pantalones pants What pants do you want to take? Those? to top
el papel paper Did you use all the paper I gave you? to top
la fiesta party There is a party tomorrow. to top
el pasaporte passport Do you need identification? Here is my passport. to top
el pastelito pastry Bring two pastries and one brioche, please. to top
la pata paw The cat licked its hurt paw. to top
pagar pay It may not be a problem to use a major credit card, but be prepared to pay cash. to top
la paz peace Leave me in peace! to top
la pimienta pepper Would you please pass the salt and pepper? to top
el porcentaje percentage Other institutions may charge a percentage of the transaction as a commission. to top
la representacion performance I would like two tickets to tomorrow night's performance at the Met. to top
el teléfono phone Where is the telephone? to top
la tarta pie That has got to be the worst pie I ever ate. to top
el avión plane If you want to travel by plane while in the United States, to top
el andén platform The porters are on the platform. to top
el campo de juegos playground He brought the child up to the playground. to top
por favor please I would like this, please. I will take this wallet. to top
el gusto pleasure
What a pleasure! to top
el placer pleasure
Shopping overseas can be a pleasure. to top
el sacerdote priest Her brother is a priest. to top
el premio prize John won first prize for his essay. to top
el problema problem It is important to be able to make yourself understood so that you can state the problem simply. to top
el proceso process If you want to travel by plane while in the country you are visiting, you will find the process of buying tickets to be similar. to top
el catedrático professor
Alberto is a professor of Spanish for foreign students at the University of Barcelona. to top
el profesor professor
Martin is a professor at New York University in New York City. to top
comprar purchase It is easier to purchase tickets for train and bus travel at their appropriate stations. to top
el bolso purse My wife's purse was stolen by two young men on a motorcycle. to top