cerca nearby Can you recommend a good restaurant? Is there a good hotel nearby? to top
necesito need, I I need to contact the American Embassy. to top
el vecindario neighborhood Chinatown remains a thriving ethnic neighborhood, but sadly, it also has the problems of poverty, low wages, and crowded housing conditions. to top
nunca never I never get up so late. to top
nuevo new He bought a new desk for his office. to top
las noticias news He was so happy to hear the news. to top
el periódico newspaper I always read this newspaper. to top
el kiosco newsstand There's a newsstand near the stairway. to top
próximo next I would like to buy a ticket for the next flight to Houston. to top
junto next to No, it is across the street, next to the restaurant. to top
la noche night Every night I try to watch the news. to top
ahora now Everything is fine now. to top