la máquina machine How does one repair this machine? to top
la camarera maid Does that include the gratuity? Should I tip the maid? to top
hacer make But Martin, I do not know if I have time to make all of that. to top
el gerente manager I'd like to speak to the manager. to top
el mercado market From captains of industry to cabbies, everyone keeps an eye on the stock market. to top
la obra maestra masterpiece This minimalist masterpiece is the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, named after the first European to find what would later become New York City. to top
la comida meal The hotel serves excellent meals, and there are several cafés in the area. to top
mío mine
(of mine)
Yes, of course! Let's go! A friend of yours is a friend of mine. to top
el error mistake By making mistakes, you will learn. to top
el lunes Monday Banks in the United States are generally open Monday through Friday and on Saturday mornings. to top
el dinero money It is easy to over-tip if you are having trouble counting the foreign money. to top
el mes month I would like to go to Ibiza next month. to top
más more Then what you're saying is that I'll have more time to film more in Spain. to top
la mañana morning No, I think I lost them when I was shopping this morning. to top
más most
Today, New York is the most cosmopolitan city in the world, and that's reflected in the faces of its people. to top
la mayoría most
People in most countries appreciate any attempt foreign visitors make to speak their language. to top
el motel motel Very good accommodations can also be found in motels along the highway. to top
la madre mother Your mother has a lot of money. to top
la montaña mountain Can you see the mountain from your house? to top
la película movie What time is the next showing of this movie? to top
atracado mugged I was mugged. to top
el museo museum Is the art museum far from here? to top
la seta mushroom Are these mushrooms or onions? I think I ordered mushrooms. to top
la música music He always plays the music very loud. to top
mi my I'd like to put this on my credit card. to top