el pelo hair She has blond hair. to top
el peluquero hairdresser Which way is the hairdresser? to top
media half Hurry, because you have half an hour. . . . OK? to top
el pasillo hall Yes, and the bathroom is just down the hall. to top
el jamón ham I don't eat ham. to top
guapo handsome But my boy . . . how handsome you are! to top
feliz happy He was so happy to hear the news. to top
el puerto harbor They threw the tea into the harbor. to top
difícil hard
Going up is easy, coming down is the hard part. to top
duro hard
His chest is hard as rock, hard as a lower millstone. to top
haber have
All right. I should have been there fifteen minutes ago. to top
tengo have, I I have a reservation. to top
él he He is a teacher. to top
la ayuda help I appreciate your help. to top
aquí here How long are you staying here? to top
la colina hill That is her house on top of that hill. to top
caliente hot This is too hot. to top
la hora hour Hurry, because you have half an hour. . . . OK? to top
cómo how How is your family? to top
cuánto how much How much does partial board cost? to top
el marido husband
(in Europe)
She doesn't have a husband. to top
el esposo husband
(in America)
This is my husband, Carlos, my daughter, Cristina, and my son, Miguel. to top