el partido game Have you ever gone to a game? to top
la puerta gate Is Gate Three this way? to top
conseguir get Where can I get a schedule? to top
el regalo gift Here is a gift from me to you. to top
la chica girl
The ultimate All-American girl, the world famous Statue of Liberty is symbolic of the New World and of freedom. to top
la muchacha girl
She is a nice girl. to top
ls niña girl
The little girl has grown a lot. to top
la novia girlfriend Have you seen his new girlfriend? to top
el vaso glass A glass of white wine, please. to top
los anteojos glasses
I can't see anything without my glasses. to top
las gafas glasses
Has anyone seen my glasses? to top
el ñu gnu There's a new gnu at the zoo! to top
ir go I want to go but I can't. to top
volver go back I haven't been to Puerto Rico in five years, and I would love to go back. to top
entrar go in You can't go in without paying. to top
salir go out You can't go out with this hot weather. to top
buen good Well, I have a good friend that lives in San Juan. to top
buenísimo good, very Spanish red wine is very good. to top
adiós good-bye Good-bye. to top
la abuela grandmother My grandmother lives in Florida. to top
gran great In 1929 came the Great Crash, when millions lost their savings and the Great Depression began. to top
la guía guidebook The tourists used the guidebook to find a good hotel. to top