la fachada façade The most famous center of money-making here is the New York Stock Exchange with its neo-classical façade. to top
la fábrica factory Meet me there, in front of the factory. to top
la familia family Luis, do you have a large family? to top
fantástico fantastic Oh! Madrid is fantastic! to top
el padre father My father or my mother will come with us. to top
el miedo fear He's doing it out of fear. to top
rellenar fill You will have to fill out this form. Was there much money in it? to top
el cine film
I have a literature class, a film class, and then linguistics with you. to top
filmar film
Today I am going to see my aunt and uncle, and I will film a commercial in Madrid. to top
encontrar find Where can I find a nice café that serves light meals? to top
terminar finish Today I hope to finish my video of Madrid. to top
firme firm The handshake is very important; it should be firm and warm, not limp and cold. to top
primer first
This is my first ride on an airplane. to top
primero first
But first, I need to buy a ticket for my trip to Seville. to top
cinco five I'm so tired! Thirty five floors! to top
el vuelo flight When does the next flight to Tenerife leave? to top
el piso floor There is a restroom on this floor and another on the second floor. to top
volar fly He wants to fly to Canada next summer. to top
para for
I am the director of commercials for the travel agency TravelTur. to top
por for
The Empire State Building was for many years the tallest building in the world. to top
extranjero foreign
(masculine, plural)
People in most countries appreciate any attempt foreign visitors make to speak their language. to top
olvidarse forget If you tend to forget place names in a strange city, you might also write these down. to top
la fortuna fortune She has lost all of her fortune. to top
catorce fourteen It took fourteen years and six hundred men to build this magnificent feat of engineering. to top
el amigo friend Do you know my friend? to top
de from
It is four hours from Boston to New York. to top
desde from
I saw it from a distance. to top
completo full Yes, and it has a full bath. to top