cada each He tells the same joke each time I see him. to top
el pendiente earring I like these earrings. to top
fácil easy That's not always so easy if you must rely on a printed menu in another language. to top
comer eat It's a great place to eat or shop for Italian specialties. to top
la embajada embassy I need to contact the Spanish Embassy. I am a Spanish citizen. to top
agradable enjoyable If you plan to make a lot of purchases, it will be much more enjoyable if you do your homework first. to top
el equipo equipment I can often use their equipment to film my own news segments. to top
el ensayo essay John won first prize for his essay. to top
esencial essential It is essential to practice asking for and understanding directions. to top
el establecimiento establishment Bed-and-breakfast establishments have cropped up everywhere. to top
el europeo European This minimalist masterpiece is the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, named after the first European to find what would later become New York City. to top
incluso even You can even find adequate hospitality offered by people simply renting rooms for a short stay. to top
alguna vez ever Would these early colonists ever recognize it now? to top
por todas partes everywhere Bed-and-breakfast establishments have cropped up everywhere. to top
exactamente exactly CBS or NBC, I think. I do not remember exactly. Do you watch TV? to top
el cambio exchange It is wise to shop around if you have time, and to read the exchange information carefully. to top
intercambio exchange
He is a foreign exchange student from Madrid. to top
exclusivamente exclusively The Lower East Side used to be exclusively Jewish, and it's still the home of great kosher restaurants with specialties like pastrami on rye. to top