bailar dance Later we can dance, but first let's eat. to top
la oscuridad dark
Cats see in the dark. to top
la fecha date You will be notified two days before the departure date. to top
la hija daughter This is my husband, Carlos, my daughter, Cristina, and my son, Miguel. to top
el departamento department Where is your appliance department? to top
el postre dessert May we have our coffee now? Please bring the bill with the dessert. to top
el rodeo detour This is a detour. to top
dificil difficult It is difficult to tell one twin from the other. to top
cenar dining He said, "My boy . . . you can't visit Madrid without dining at Casa Botín." to top
la cena dinner Did you enjoy your dinner? to top
las direcciones directions It is very important to know how to ask for directions in another language. to top
el plato dish I don't like this. What is the meat in this dish? to top
el barrio district We're in the district of Santa Cruz, and this is Luz, my cousin Adriana's friend. to top
hacer do All you have to do is hold up your hand and call "taxi", whistle, or wave. to top
el documental documentary It is a documentary about Cuba. to top
el perro dog Do you have a dog or a cat? to top
la puerta door Laura Davis opens the door and finds Allison and Luis. to top
dudar doubt We have no reason to doubt your story. to top
el sueño dream Life is a dream. to top
el vestido dress My dress and my husband's suit need to be pressed. to top
tomar drink Mark, would you like something to drink? to top
empequeñecido dwarfed This Georgian building, dwarfed by skyscrapers, is actually an accurate reconstruction . . . but then, New York is always re-inventing itself. to top