el café café Where can I find a nice café that serves light meals? to top
el pastel cake They ate cake and ice cream, and then they had coffee. to top
llamar call I am going to call the doctor. to top
la caligrafía calligraphy You'll know the moment you've crossed into Little Italy when the restaurant signs are no longer in calligraphy and you smell espresso rather than soy sauce. to top
el carro car
Here in Spain, we don't say "car," but rather "automobile." to top
el coche car
His dog stayed in the car. to top
la tarjeta card Can I use my Visa credit card in your ATM? to top
el cajero cashier Where is the cashier? to top
el castillo castle Sara and Kara made a sand castle on the beach. to top
el gato cat Do you have a dog or a cat? to top
la silla chair I left it on the chair in my room. to top
la oportunidad chance This is your last chance. to top
cambiar change
We have to change trains. to top
la calderilla change, small Oh, wait, I have a three thousand pesetas bill and some change here. to top
el canal channel Thanks, Laura. Which channel was this program on, Mrs. Davis? to top
el cheque check I have three checks I'd like to cash. to top
la tarta de queso cheesecake I would like some cheesecake. to top
el pollo chicken Excuse me, Luis. The chicken should be done. to top
el niño child He brought the child up to the playground. to top
infantil children's Where is the children's department? to top
la alternativa choice She left me no choice but to fire her. to top
la ciudad city Boston is an old city. to top
la clase class It is my favorite class. to top
el reloj clock A big clock was on the wall. to top
el armario closet We were hiding in the closet. to top
el abrigo coat Let me get my coat, then I will be ready. to top
el café coffee I like my coffee very hot. to top
frío cold
I am really cold. to top
el desfrío cold
I have a cold. to top
la colonia colony You may not meet King Kong up here--but you may meet the world's highest colony of ants on the 86th floor! to top
venir come I do want to come with you. to top
de comisión commission Many institutions charge a set commission fee, regardless of the amount of money exchanged. to top
común common This is a very common word in English. to top
el complejo complex Battery Park City is a condominium complex conveniently close to Wall Street, and inhabited mainly by stockbrokers who like to walk to work. to top
el ordenador computer That personal computer is cheap. to top
contrario contrary On the contrary, it's very difficult. to top
el concierto concert Have you been to a good play or concert recently? to top
convenientemente conveniently Battery Park City is a condominium complex conveniently close to Wall Street, and inhabited mainly by stockbrokers who like to walk to work. to top
la cocinera cook
My wife is a wonderful cook. Her chicken is the best! to top
la galleta cookie Give me a glass of milk and a cookie. to top
la cama plegable cot Can you provide an extra cot for our room? to top
el país country They are traveling by train across the country. to top
el plato course For the second course, chicken braised in white wine with almonds and garlic, a tossed salad and then maybe a sponge cake roll with rum cream filling for dessert. to top
la cortesía courtesy Courtesy is as important as conversation. to top
de crédito credit Can I use my credit card in your ATM? to top
el ladron crook The crooks came out with their hands up in the air. to top
el gentío crowd One thing I don't like is the crowds. to top
la taza cup May I have a cup of coffee, please? to top