el plátano banana Give me an orange, an apple and a banana. to top
el banco bank Banks in the United States are generally open Monday through Friday and on Saturday mornings. to top
el conjunto band And he plays in a rock band. to top
el baritono baritone He sings baritone. to top
el baloncesto basketball I like basketball. to top
el lavabo bathroom Where is the bathroom? to top
ser be
The Lower East Side used to be exclusively Jewish, and it's still the home of great kosher restaurants with specialties like pastrami on rye. to top
estar be
I don't like to be sick. to top
la playa beach Which do you prefer, the beach or the mountains? to top
porque because Tell us, then, what plans do you have, because in Spain there is so much to see, you know. to top
la cama bed We would like two beds. to top
la cerveza beer I would like a glass of beer. A glass of white wine, please. to top
antes de before One thing you need to do, though, before taking a taxi is to be sure to have small bills with you. to top
el principiante beginner The beginner will find that self-confidence and a sense of humor will be the best approach to speaking another language. to top
el timbre bell While Mark is talking, Gloria rings the doorbell. to top
pertenecer belong The Manhattan skyline seems to belong to every one of us--so familiar has it become. to top
mejor better I am glad you're feeling better. to top
grande big Oh, you think that a family with two kids is big. to top
el billete bill Can you change this twenty-dollar bill? to top
rubio blond She has blond hair. to top
la pensión board
(furnished meals)
And, would you like breakfast, partial board, or full board? to top
el libro book The book is good. to top
la librería bookstore This bookstore is open. to top
el jefe (o la jefe) boss I am here because I am the boss. to top
la botella bottle I would like a bottle of red wine. to top
el desayuno breakfast Phone and television are in the room and breakfast is also included. to top
la novia bride She is a very beautiful bride! to top
el puente bridge You just go over the bridge and take the second right. to top
el bróquil broccoli From now on I refuse to eat broccoli. to top
el hermano brother I have another brother. to top
el cuñado brother-in-law My brother-in-law was wondering if Spanish families were as big as American families. to top
el edificio building We live in the same building. to top
el autobús bus Are you waiting for the bus? to top
pero but You may not meet King Kong up here--but you may meet the world's highest colony of ants on the 86th floor! to top
sino but
(but instead)
He is not mad but only sad. to top
comprar buy Can I buy Travelers Checks at this bank? to top
por by The book was written by a famous author. to top