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Coal: West Virginia's Underground

Almost Heaven

Panhandle State

Mountain State CO

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Cog State

Name: for Queen Elizabeth I of England

Distinction: West Virginia has the only directional name not matched by its opposite. (The Carolinas and Dakotas are matched sets.)
Geographic Oddity: West Virginia was part of Virginia until the [un]Civil War, when it disagreed with the rest of the state about seceding from the Union.

Famous Native: Cecil Underwood ~ governor & first guest on "To Tell The Truth"
Famous Small Town: Harpers Ferry [pop.<1K] ~ site of attempted slave uprising

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = New River Gorge
  Man-Made = New River Gorge Bridge

Favorite City Name: Uneeda

Something you might hear a Mountaineer say: "Coal is king."

Little Known Factoid: West Virginia University's School Of Engineering . . .

If I could live anywhere in West Virginia, it would be in Weirton, because if you leave town going east you're in Pennsylvania, and if you leave town going west you're in Ohio.