America's Dairyland . . . Say Cheese!

Badger State

America's Dairyland

Name: grassy place (Chippewa)

Distinction: Wisconsin has the prettiest capitol building I've seen.
Geographic Oddity: Half of Wisconsin's famous Door Peninsula is actually an island! (Not to be confused with New York's Coney Island, which is a peninsula.)

Famous Native: Georgia O'Keeffe ~ synthesizer of artistic abstraction and representation
Famous Small Town: Wisconsin Dells [pop.3K] ~ home of the Dells of Wisconsin

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Wisconsin Dells
  Man-Made = Lambeau Field

Favorite City Name: Ubet

Something you might hear a Cheesehead say: "And so?"
(For those of you south of the Mason-Dixon Line, this translates to "Ain't that right?")

Little Known Factoid: When football season is over . . .

If I could live anywhere in Wisconsin, it would be at Wisconsin Rapids on the Wisconsin River.