Virtue, Liberty, And Independence

The Commonwealth Of

The Keystone State

Keystone State

Quaker State

Name: for William Penn

Distinction: Pennsylvania had the first U.S. capital, Philadelphia.
Geographic Oddity: The city of California, Pennsylvania is in Washington county. (Here's a related trivia question.)

Famous Native: Stephen Foster ~ composer & misspeller of "Suwannee River"
Famous Small Town: Valley Forge [pop.0] ~ one of General Washington's winter encampments

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Elk Mountain
  Man-Made = Independence Hall

Favorite City Name: Moon

Something you might hear a Keystoner say: "Throw Papa down the stairs his hat, he's going to walk the street down."
(The term "Pennsylvania Dutch" is a perversion of "Pennsylvania Deutsch," meaning "Pennsylvania German." A similar linguistic background causes North Dakotans to say, "I'm going to Bismarck. Wanna go with?")

Little Known Factoid: The Religious Society Of Friends . . .

If I could live anywhere in Pennsylvania, it would be in King Of Prussia, because I like the name and because of its proximity to Philadelphia.