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Gateway To The West

Show-Me State

Cave State

Iron Mountain State

Ozark State

Lead State
Gateway To The West
Name: town of the large canoes (Missourian)

Distinction: Missouri is the least populous state that has more than one NFL team.
Geographic Oddity: The Kansas City that's in Missouri is more than three times as large as the one that's in Kansas.

Famous Native: Mark Twain ~ novelist & humorist
Famous Small Town: Branson [pop.13K] ~ performance venue for former stars

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Lake Of The Ozarks
  Man-Made = Gateway Arch

Favorite City Name: Ink

Something you might hear a Bushwacker say: "Well, I'm from Missour-uh, so you'll have to show me."

Little Known Factoid: Due to earwitness accounts . . .

If I could live anywhere in Missouri, it would be in the Ozarks by Ironton, at Taum Sauk Mountain, the highest point in the state.