Fatti Maschi, Parole Femmine

The Old Line State

Free State

Old Line State

Chesapeake Bay State

Name: for Queen Maria

Distinction: Maryland is the only state giving up land for the sake of the District Of Columbia. (Virginia originally gave up Alexandria, but they got it back.)
Geographic Oddity: Maryland is almost pinched in two by West Virginia; at Hancock it's only a couple of miles wide. (This is in addition to the fact that it's nearly cut in two by the Chesapeake Bay.)


Famous Native: Johns Hopkins ~ philanthropist
Famous Small Town: Chevy Chase [pop.3K] ~ named after a comedian?

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = rock
  Man-Made = Bancroft Hall, Naval Academy

Favorite City Name: Girdletree

Something you might hear a Cockade say: "The capital of Merlin is Naplis, not Ballmer."

Little Known Factoid: The state bird . . .

If I could live anywhere in Maryland, it would be in Hancock, because of the aforementioned geographic oddity.