Esto Perpetua

The Spud State

Gem State

Spud State

Land of the Famous Potato

Name: unknown; in other words, Idunno.

Distinction: Idaho has the deepest gorge in America, Hell's Canyon.
Geographic Oddity: Idaho has a seaport! International shipping is carried on from Lewiston via the Snake River and Columbia River.

Famous Native: Sacagawea ~ Shoshone guide to Lewis & Clark
Famous Small Town: Sun Valley [pop.1.4K] ~ famed ski resort

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Big Southern Butte
  Man-Made = Coeur d'Alene Resort

Favorite City Name: Cocolalla

Something you might hear Mr or Mrs Potato Head say: "I left my gloves in the jocky box."
(This is a glove box, not to be confused with a jockey box, used for keeping beer cold.)

Little Known Factoid: The motto is "Esto Perpetua," . . .

If I could live anywhere in Idaho, it would be on Buffalo Lake, in the inaccessible Idaho portion of Yellowstone National Park.