Ua Mau Ke Aa O Ka Aina I Ka Pono

Moku'aina O

The Pineapple State

Aloha State

Pineapple State

Paradise of the Pacific

Crossroads of the Pacific

Fiftieth State
Name: homeland (Hawaiian)

Distinction: There are four states that were independent republics before they became states:

  1. Vermont Republic, 1777-1791
  2. Republic of Texas, 1836-1845
  3. California Republic, 1846
  4. Republic of Hawaii, 1893-1894
However, Hawaii is the only one that was a kingdom before it was a republic.

Geographic Oddity: Honolulu is the only incorporated city in Hawaii. Sort of. It is actually the same thing as the County of Honolulu. There are no municipal governments in Hawaii. See my "County Oddities."

Famous Native: Don Ho ~ singer & fighter jet pilot
Famous Small Town: Hana [pop.1.5K] ~ at the end of a long & winding road

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Diamond Head
  Man-Made = King Kamehameha's Palace

Favorite City Name: Kealakekua (pronounced "kay-ah-la-kay-koo-ah")

Something you might hear an Islander say: "Aloha nui loa!"

Little Known Factoid: The word "aloha" has multiple . . .

If I could live anywhere in Hawaii, it would be on Kaho'olawe, because then I'd have the island to myself. After all, the Robinsons have Ni'ihau to themselves.