Liberty And Independence

The First State

First State

Diamond State AR

Blue Hen State

Small Wonder

Name: for Lord De La Warr

Distinction: Delaware was the first state to ratify the constitution (and therefore was the first state, period).
Geographic Oddity: A section of Delaware's border was formed by drawing a circle around the cupola of the New Castle courthouse. However, everything inside the circle but east of the Delaware River is in New Jersey.

Famous Native: Valerie Bertinelli ~ actress & weight-loss activist
Famous Small Town: New Castle [pop.4.5K] ~ home of a historic courthouse

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Wilmington Blue Rock
  Man-Made = the aforementioned Old New Castle County Courthouse

Favorite City Name: Shaft Ox Corner

Something you might hear a Muskrat say: "It's good to be first."

Little Known Factoid: Irving Gordon wrote a hit song . . .

If I could live anywhere in Delaware, it would be in Lewes, on Cape Henlopen, a ferry's ride from Cape May, New Jersey. It was the first city in the First State.