Qui Transtulit Sustinet

the aforementioned The Nutmeg State

Nutmeg State

Constitution State

Provisions State

Land of Steady Habits

Name: place beside a long river (Algonquin)

Distinction: Connecticut is the insurance capital of the nation.
Geographic Oddity: Connecticut has its geographic center in its capital city.*
(It is within 15 miles of the capitals in Arkansas, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Vermont.)

Famous Native: George W. Bush ~ US president & son of US president
Famous Small Town: Old Saybrook [pop.10K] ~ formerly a separate English colony

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Kent Falls
  Man-Made = Harkness Tower, Yale University

Favorite City Name: Happyland

Something you might hear a Nutmegger say: "I'm from Just-Outside-New-York."

Little Known Factoid: Mark Twain's story of Hank Morgan . . .

If I could live anywhere in Connecticut, it would be in Canaan, because it's close to Mount Frissell (the highest point in the state) and Taconic State Park in New York, and because I like the name.

*There are various methods for determining these things, so you might find different results.