The Golden State

Golden State

El Dorado State

Grape State

Forty-Niner State

Land of Milk and Honey
Land of Fruits and Nuts

Name: paradise-like place (Spanish)

Distinction: California has the largest county in area — San Bernadino — with more square miles than 9 of our states, and the largest county in population — Los Angeles — with more residents than 42 of our states!
Geographic Oddity: California has the highest and lowest points in elevation in the Lower 48. Mount Whitney in Sequoia Nat'l Park is 14,495 feet above sea level and Badwater Basin in Death Valley Nat'l Park is 282 feet below sea level. These two places are less than 90 miles from each other!

Famous Native: William Saroyan ~ Armenian author
Famous Small Town: San Andreas [pop.2.8K] ~ the town that says, "It's not our fault."

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Half Dome
  Man-Made = The Golden Gate Bridge

Favorite City Name: Weedpatch

Something you might hear a Leftcoaster say: "This could be the big one!"
(This is what they fear when they feel the earth move.)

Little Known Factoid: The original pronunciation of California . . .

If I could live anywhere in California, it would be in El Portal, the gateway to Yosemite Valley.