Ditat Deus

saguaro is the official state flower

Grand Canyon State

Copper State

Name: silver-bearing (Aztec)

Distinction: Arizona contains the largest canyon in the country.
Geographic Oddity: More than one-quarter of Arizona is Indian land.

Famous Native: Cesar Chavez ~ farm worker advocate
Famous Small Town: Tombstone [pop.1.3K] ~ home of the OK Corral, some Earps, & a Doc

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = The Mittens, Monument Valley
  Man-Made = London Bridge

Favorite City Name: Tuba City

Something you might hear a Sand Cutter say: "Yes, but it's a dry heat."

Little Known Factoid: The Painted Desert has been  . . .

If I could live anywhere in Arizona, it would be in Page, because it's practically in Utah! Actually, it's a nice town on the Colorado River upstream from the Grand Canyon, not far from Rainbow Bridge.