National Park Quiz

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I will build this a little at a time.
  1. Which three national parks have cave names ?
  2. Which state has the most national parks ?
  3. Which three national parks have valley names ?
  4. Which states' national parks are adjacent in the alphabetical listing ?
  5. Which four national parks have plant names ?
  6. Which two national parks are not in any state ?
  7. Which two national park names contain their state names ?
  8. Which five national parks have canyon names ?
  9. What are the five "grand" and "great" national parks ?
  10. What are the Black and White National Parks ?
  11. We have Great Sand Dunes.
    What's the other Sand park, and
    What's the other Dunes park ?
  12. Sequoia and Kings Canyon share a boundary.
    Which three pairs of parks nearly touch (within ten miles) ?
To be continued . . .

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