F. A. Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

How's it goin'?

Why is the water blue?
It's a reflection of the sky.

Why is the sky blue?
Well, you know at night, it's black. And if you were in space, it would be black night and day. Two things make it appear blue: The sunlight and our atmosphere. The sunlight is white light, that is, all the wavelengths of light mixed together. But the atmosphere sends the shorter wavelengths off in different directions, and those are the ones at the blue end of the spectrum.

Why are we here?
We clicked on F A Q.

What's the square root of 32,657?
180.7124788 or so.

Does the light really go off when you close the refrigerator door?
I don't know. I've never been inside a refrigerator. My mommy said it was dangerous.

What's the capital of Vermont?

Do you have any recommended reading?

Well, what is it?
"A Case Study Of The Perceptions Of Current And Former School Board Members Of A Recently Annexed, Rural, Impoverished, South Texas, Latino School District In A High Stakes Accountability System" by Claudia G. Rodriguez.

Is that your final answer?

I am dissatisfied with "Ask.com". Do you know a better source for practical questions such as "How can I find a good date for New Year's Eve?"?
I have had good results with "AskSmartAlec.com". I submitted this particular question, and got a very useful answer. You can see a screen print HERE.

Could switching to GEICO really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?
In the criminal justice system, are the people represented by two separate yet equally important groups?

Why do you answer a question with a question?
Isn't that what Jesus did?

Why did Jesus answer a question with a question?
What do you think?

What is a "rhetorical" question?
Word Wild Web
Dumb Things People Say
Lien À Trois
Elmwood Ct.