Easy Quiz

  1. Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?
  2. What color is the black box on an airplane?
  3. Who wrote "The Autobiography Of Miss Jane Pittman"?
  4. What city is home base to the rock group Chicago?
  5. Which state's official bird is the California gull?
  6. Of what metal are silver dollars made?
  7. From what nationality are the Pennsylvania Dutch descended?
  8. What is the cubic capacity of a ten-gallon hat?
  9. Which direction should you travel from Ely, Missouri, to reach West Ely, Missouri?
  10. Which direction should you travel from Bancroft, Maine, to reach South Bancroft, Maine?
  11. Which direction should you travel from Helena, Montana, to reach East Helena, Montana?
  12. What alcoholic beverage is an ingredient in butterscotch?
  13. What animal's likeness is on the famous "alligator" shirts by Lacoste?
  14. What geologic feature's likeness is on the original business card for the Blue Mountain Inn in Blanding, Utah?
  15. What are most laborers expected to do on Labor Day?
  16. What is actor Tom Cruise's last name?
  17. What kind of food is a peanut?
  18. In the logo of the Brown Derby International Wine Center, in Springfield, Missouri, what color is the derby?
  19. In what country did the pop trio America get together?
  20. What year was it when Wendy Carlos released her recording "Switched On Bach 2000"?
  21. The Arizona town named Colorado City is just over the line from what neighboring state?
  22. Which takes longer, hoisting a flag to half-staff or to the peak?
  23. What fruit is depicted in the original logo of the Olive Garden restaurant?
  24. When they recorded their hits, how many members did the Thompson Twins have?
  25. On what hill was the Battle of Bunker Hill fought? (Hint: The monument to the battle is located on Bunker Hill.)
  26. In college, we liked to eat at a place called Mr. Waffle. What was their specialty?
  27. In what language do most Latin singers perform?
  28. What is the name of the female lead character in the movie "Chasing Amy"?
  29. Which month sees the beginning of Oktoberfest?
  30. What type of animal is a Belgium Hare?
  31. What Texas city is home to the University of Dallas?
  32. From what is sweetbread made?
  33. What color is bleu (French for "blue") cheese dressing?
  34. What was Paul Harvey's last name?
  35. In what country are Panama hats made?
  36. What animal gives its name to the Canary Islands?
  37. What is the elevation of Mile-High Stadium?
  38. What relation are the Righteous Brothers to each other?
  39. "Judy In Disguise" was recorded by John Fred & His Playboy Band. What was John Fred's last name?
  40. How long did the Hundred Years' War last?
  41. What state is home to the New York Giants?
  42. On what street in Dallas, Texas could you find Lovers Lane United Methodist Church?
  43. What type of animals are mountain oysters?
  44. Where did Irish coffee originate?
  45. How many musketeers are involved in the story of "The Three Musketeers"?
  46. In what city can you find the famous London Bridge?
  47. What is the name of the Small Park on Millbrook Avenue in Fresno, California?
  48. What color is grey poupon mustard?
  49. What shape is Thanksgiving Square in downtown Dallas?
  50. Which end of the country is West Virginia on?
  51. What food item is pictured along with the words "Braum's Hamburgers" on the exterior of the restaurant?
  52. What type of flying creature is depicted in the logo of Visiting "Angels?
  53. How many tracks are on Walter Becker's solo album "11 Tracks Of Whack"?
  54. What animal's intestines are used to make catgut? (Hint: "cat" is the first syllable in "cattle.")
  55. In which state can you find an ocean inlet called The Strait Of Georgia?
  56. What was King George VI's first name?
  57. In what country did French fries originate?
  58. Which town in New York was the site of the Woodstock Music Festival of 1969?
  59. What common spice lends its taste to the unique flavor of Dr Pepper?
  60. During what month do the Mayflies typically appear in Texas?
  61. In the Shriners Hospital TV ad that features "If You're Happy And You Know It," a camera shot of what musical instrument accompanies the lyric "play the cello"?
  62. What color are Yellow Freight System truck cabs?
  63. Which Indiana city is home to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where the Indianapolis 500 is held?
  64. What kind of animal inspired the TCU Horned Frog mascot?
  65. Of what metal are tin cans made?
  66. In what year was the movie "Frankenstein--1970" made?
  67. In the BusinessObjects software, the Drill button contains an icon depicting what common household tool?
  68. When they recorded their hits, how many members did Timbuk3 have?
  69. Which president authored the Monroe Doctrine?
  70. What color-named river flows through Utah's Gray Canyon?
  71. What winter feature was the inspiration for the name of the Arizona town of Snowflake?
  72. What neighboring state is just across the river from Penns Grove and Pennsville, New Jersey?
  73. From what country do Chinese gooseberries come?
  74. The James Bond movies were scored by John Barry. What is John Barry's last name?
  75. What basic geometric shape is a speed square?
  76. In what state can you find Texas Falls?
  77. How long does a "permanent" last?
  78. What color was the logo for Green Spot Orange Drink?
  79. Which direction should you travel from Thornton, New Hampshire, to reach West Thornton, New Hampshire?
  80. What class of musical instrument is an English horn?
  81. Hell's Half Acre in Wyoming comprises how much land area?
  82. What type of granuloma is a pyogenic granuloma?
  83. What type of pyogenic mass is called a pyogenic granuloma?
  84. What sort of fruit is alligator pear?
  85. South West City, Missouri, is in what corner of the state?
  86. In the movie "Hoosiers," what was the name of the basketball team that was central to the story?
  87. In what Georgia city did the rock group Atlanta Rhythm Section get its start?
  88. In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?
  89. On the logo for All-Safe Pest Control, termite specialists, what insect is depicted?
  90. Hawaii's two official languages are English and Hawaiian, so the signs in Honolulu are in English and what language?
  91. How many pieces are in a Croft & Barrow The Comfort & Joy Pajamas 3-Piece Set?
  92. In the Civil War battle "The Merrimack Vs. The Monitor", what ship fought against The Monitor?
  93. Of what is a camel's hair brush made?
  94. From what country do we get Jordan almonds?
  95. What is the distinguishing feature of the town of Big Lake, Texas?
  96. What color were the helmets of the Cleveland Browns?
  97. What major U.S. city is home to the three famous St. Louis Cemeteries?
  98. What is singer Tom Jones' last name?
  99. What category of animal is a silverfish?
  100. During what month do the June bugs typically appear in Texas?
  101. What part of the country is North Carolina in?
  102. What shape is the floor plan of Madison Square Garden?
  103. In which country is the seat of the Greek Orthodox Church?
  104. Which state's quarter depicts Washington crossing the Delaware? (No, it's not Washington's!)
  105. The BareNaked Ladies' hit "One Week" spent how long on the Billboard Hot 100?
  106. What was the primary mode of transportation in the Pony Express?
  107. What animal is depicted on ads for Bussey's Flea Market?
  108. What is the weapon of choice for the musketeers in the story of "The Three Musketeers"?
  109. West Louisville, Kentucky is just west of what major Kentucky city?
  110. Besides chocolate syrup and seltzer, what is the other ingredient of an egg cream?
  111. What city in New Mexico is the home of Carlsbad Caverns?
  112. What color is the yellow light on a traffic signal?
  113. What was the name of the monster in the novel Frankenstein? (Hint: the answer is in the question!)
  114. What type of landform is Coney Island in Lower New York Bay?
  115. What type of landform is Antelope Island in Great Salt Lake?
  116. How many members did the Classics IV have?
  117. In what year was Christ (the "C" in "B.C.") born?
  118. On what street in Louisville, Kentucky could you find Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church?
  119. In what European country are the famous Spanish Steps?
  120. How many books are in Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker trilogy?
  121. Spring wheat is planted in the spring. When is winter wheat planted?
  122. What color-named county in Wisconsin has Green Bay as its county seat?
  123. What is the ethnic origin of Irish potatoes?
  124. What Texas city is home to the University of Texas at Dallas?
  125. Who wrote the plays of William Shakespeare?
  126. In what country did India ink originate?
  127. What was composer Ralph Vaughan Williams' last name?
  128. What type of vehicle is depicted in the logo of Texas Car Title And Payday Loans?
  129. Of what metal is pencil lead made?
  130. What color is a purple finch?
  131. What type of insect is a white ant?
  132. What shape is a boxing ring?
  133. Missouri City, Texas, is close to what neighboring state?
  134. Who sang lead in the fusion band EDDIE & the Crontabs?
  135. On what day was George Washington (whose birthday is February 22) born?
  136. What fruit is the source of banana oil?
  137. In the movie "Abbott & Costello Go To Mars", what planet do Abbott & Costello go to?
  138. On the Van Morrison album "Poetic Champions Compose," whose cover shows photographs of him with sax, guitar, and piano, what three instruments does he play?
  139. What is the copyright year on Microsoft Windows 2000?
  140. Great Danes come from what country?
  141. Which borough of New York City is home to Manhattan Beach?
  142. In North America, how can you tell the difference between a brown bear and a black bear?
  143. What color is an osage orange?
  144. What part of the country is South Dakota in?
  145. On Lake Roosevelt in Washington state is a city named after what president?
  146. Who delivered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech?
  147. Which direction should you travel from Congaree, South Carolina, to reach South Congaree, South Carolina?
  148. What bird of prey is the mascot of Richardson (Texas) High School's Golden Eagle band?
  149. What type of fruit juice is the basis of the Fruit Works beverage called "Apple Raspberry"?
  150. What was Ray Charles' last name?
  151. Which is bigger, a fat chance or a slim chance?
  152. What part of "no" do you not understand?
  153. How do you spell "RELIEF"?
  154. Could switching to Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
  155. How many questions are in this quiz?

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