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Dumb Things Advertisers Say

Note for non-Latin-speaking readers: The notation "sic" is placed in some entries to assure you that I am faithfully reproducing the original; i.e. the misprint is not on my part.

Here are some ads that caused translation problems when the marketing folks took them to people of other languages and cultures.
product new language original wording unintended meaning
Braniff Airlines' upholstered seats Spanish Fly in leather. Fly naked.
Chevrolet Spanish Nova It doesn't go.
Clairol curling iron German Mist Stick Manure Stick
Coke Chinese Coca-Cola Bite-The-Wax-Tadpole
General Motors Flemish Body By Fisher Corpse By Fisher
Parker Pens Spanish To avoid embarrassment, use SuperQuink. To avoid pregnancy, use SuperQuink.
Pepsi Chinese Brings you back to life. Brings back your dead ancestors.
For more translation fun, check out "English As A Second Language."
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