Fixing Up The New Digs


You know the drill. Click on a thumbnail to see a full-size picture. (Pictures open in same pop-up window each time.)

Entrance to the hall, before. At left is edge of service window. Painting in progress. Tan paint to go up ten feet; above is black like ceiling.

Draperies in progress. Draperies completed.

Old baseboard was green carpet strips. We ripped it off.

But the wall beneath was too yucky to leave uncovered.

So we spray-painted the strips with black fabric paint and put them back.

With furniture and area rug. Pictures hung over sofa. Sign for walk-ins. Middle section changeable depending on which instructor (if any) is available to speak to them.

Bookcase partially filled. Toys and juvenile books at bottom; grownup stuff above. YC cup filled with promotional pens. Added a fan salvaged from the trash.

The main reason for moving to a studio: space to hang the posters from Der Ring des Nibelungen.

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