Fixing Up The New Digs


You know the drill. Click on a thumbnail to see a full-size picture. (Pictures open in same pop-up window each time.)

Added insulation just on the wall against the neighboring suite. Sheetrock goes a little farther to the right because of the curve in the wall. And both only go up ten feet.

Extra mud was needed at right edge because of the curve. Taping and bedding in progress. Rod across top for curtain to separate Studio A from waiting room.

There are cubbyholes in the curved wall. We added shelves in the top one. Paint inside. And outside.

Signs up beside them.

And they are ready to use.

The old service window was first closed from the other (Studio B) side. Then we walled it up on the Studio A / waiting room side. Gone!

Studio A is furnished with donated piano, bench cut to fit, teacher chair salvaged from the neighbor's trash, and cheap Ikea lamp. And a quilt.

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